About Me

I am no one special, just a daughter and follower of Christ, who happens to be a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and work at home freelancer. I didn’t come to Jesus until I started college. I am broken person, learning His Word and growing in His love.

I currently have a 2 1/2 year old son, named Jacob and a wonderful husband named Eric. We live in the beautiful and magnificent state of Colorado and we couldn’t be more blessed to see God’s beautiful work just outside every day. We have a yellow lab puppy named Decker (yes, after Eric Decker of the Broncos) that we welcomed into our family in December of 2012. We are faithful fans of the Denver Broncos and enjoy a few games each year, in addition to watching from the comfort of our couch. We play a fair amount of Fantasy Football, at which we have good and bad years (more bad than good…). We are basically just living life and trying to enjoy the journey.

A few months ago, God told me to Write! And so I started this blog to do just that. It’s nothing special and really just meant for me to share my findings as I study and learn more and more. It’s very possible that the things I say here may not be “correct” theologically, and in that case, I absolutely apologize. It’s all my interpretation. I don’t have a degree in Theology so what I post here is just my opinion and found through my own self-discovery and study. I hope and pray though, that it might be something useful for YOUR life.