I Won’t Turn Him Down

We had a terrible blizzard here a few days ago. Well, it really wasn’t terrible, but there was a lot of blowing snow and some very frigid temperatures. And of course, during all of this my family decided that apple pie was absolutely a necessity. So I jumped in my car and drove down the hill (the entire tenth of a mile) to King Soopers, just to pick up a bushel of apples.

On the way back from the store, I pulled up to the one stop sign on my route home, where a figure was crossing the street, hunkered down and wrapped in a jacket that seemed far too thin for the freezing temperatures and blowing snow. As they finished crossing the street I heard God whisper to me “Do something”. He was asking me to show an act of love and outwardly display the loving and tender heart that Jesus showed so often in His life and ministry here on earth. And for once, instead of arguing with Him in my head, I responded. I quickly changed my turn signal and pulled along side the hooded figure walking into the snow. I could tell at this point it was a woman. I rolled down my window and offered a ride as loudly as I could out into the wind. Without even thinking, she politely turned me down, and then turned away and continued on her course, into the wind and snow.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I’d listened to God. I’d done something that He’d asked, without even thinking, and it turned out absolutely nothing like I expected. For some reason this really bothered me, so I turned to a close friend who has been paramount in my journey with God. And you know what she said to me?

She would probably turn down Jesus too.

And it was like a lightbulb flicked on.

How many times have I turned down a ride with Jesus?
More than I can count.

How many times has he offered me shelter from the storm and from the blowing snow and wind?
More than I can count.

How many times have I been so blind that I couldn’t see my refuge and fortress right in front of me?
More than I can count.

He rolls down the window and yells out to us, offering us salvation, forgiveness, shelter and protection from the storm and from this world. And so many times we just keep on keepin’ on, doing our own thing and following our own path.

But we are lucky – our God is relentless. He calls. He asks. All the time. Over and over again.

I realized in that moment, I will most definitely be in the car during that storm, with Jesus at my side, as my companion. So the next time He offers me a ride? I won’t turn Him down.

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